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Ever wondered why so many businesses in your segment thrives while yours just feels dried out and on the verge of falling apart?

Chances are that you have not been paying enough attention to the signs around you. Given the competitiveness of the market around you, as business architects your job is to match your business model to the changing needs and behaviours of your dynamic market, else you will only phase out. This is why wise market leaders anticipate their market urgencies and revamp their businesses every now and then to remain on the front line.

Now the common mistake of small business operators make when they revamp and rebrand their businesses, is that they don’t take enough time understanding their market needs, instead, they focus on having something just visually different, which is far from what branding really means.

Many of us believe that branding is all about having a logo and a new website, a strong branding is about sending the right message to your right target market in an appealing manner. It is about telling your customers who you are and what you stand for. It is about positioning your brand onto the next level and to compete on another whole new level.

Therefore as logistics operators who depends on strong foreign counterparts’ support to help your business grow locally, it is important to share an image that transit the seriousness and service quality expectation.